Anker PowerLine + II USB-C to Lightning (0.9m/3ft) (A8652H11) - Black

8.500 KD


Anker has released another MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cable today. This one uses nylon-braiding for its exterior.

Some consider braided cables to be superior. The woven material provides structural integrity to the cable. And protects the wiring inside from bends and other punishment. Lab testing shows you can bend the cable a lot more before it breaks compared to regular nylon cables. That said, a braided USB cable is more rigged and inflexible. It can coil, but will take up more space. But Anker is providing a solution to that with this particular cable.

The Anker PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lighting cable includes a pouch. The cable can coil up and fit inside. It doesn’t appear to use a zipper, rather it snaps close. Anker states you can uncoil as much cable as you need and keep the rest in the pouch. This would provide for neater cable management across short distances. And the pouch adds even more protection to the cable when on the go.

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